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The Campaign for Fairer Gambling will pursue a bi-partisan agenda of advancing both consumer protection and harm amelioration in gambling. It will remain neutral on gambling expansion while being critical of any false representations by financially-motivated promoters of gambling.

Fairer Gambling will seek to raise standards at a state-by-state level, while advocating for federal oversight of some aspects of gambling. This dual strategy should ensure that states are motivated to do better in order to minimize federal oversight, with the more forward-thinking states incentivized to encourage other states to raise standards.

Advocates of gambling legalization will be able to recommend our policies to advance expansion in new state markets, whereas skeptics of gambling expansion will be able to use our policies to influence states to reduce the financial, social and health harms that research shows are particularly associated with remote, online and mobile gambling. We will leverage best practices and lessons learned from all markets, balancing consumer and commercial interests in US state and federal gambling policy enactment.

More specific policy proposals will be promoted by Fairer Gambling in due course.